ZT6010ADL Video and data transmitter on relay UAV

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ZT6010ADL Video and data transmitter on relay UAV

Specifications of ZT6010ADL

Working frequency bands

Video channel : 250M-1.4G(Customizable)
Data channel:400MHz 、800、900MHz(Customizable)

Channels bandwidth

Video channel:4MHz

Transmitter power

Video channel:10W
Data channel:5W

Receiving sensitivity

Video channel:-105dBm(10-6 BER @2.5MHz Channel Width)
Data channel:-108dBm @Baud rate Air rate 115.2kbps

Power supply voltage

DC14V-16Vrated voltage

Transmission distance

≥100km Air to Ground in Visual Conditions

Equipment dimensions


Equipment weight


Environmental conditions

Working temperature:-20℃~+60℃


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