2000GP Portable Video and Data Ground Terminal

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2000GP portable video and data Ground terminal

1.Product introduction

Sagetown 2000GP(ZT2000GP,see Figure 1)is a portable ground terminal video and data receiver that can be used with all sagetown video and data transmitters,。A point-to-point digital wireless video transmission system consisting of a video transmitter (or a audio/video transmitter) and a Sagetown 2000GP.

Sagetown 2000GC can receive one way video (HD or SD) and also transmits one serial port data (bidirectional remote control and telemetry data).

It is suitable for all Sagetown series HD/SD video reception and bidirectional data transmission.

Figure 1.Sagetown portable video and data Ground terminal2000GP


2.Product features

●Simultaneously receives video (HD or SD) and transmits serial data;

●Video and data encrypted transmission, 128-bit key; prevent illegal takeover;

●Spectrum bandwidth is adjustable from 1MHz to 8MHz

●Integrated video reception, display, storage, 4G/WIFI/network port forwarding, comprehensive functions

●Portable case type, easy to carry, rapid arrangement.

●Built-in rechargeable lithium battery pack with independent power supply capability

3.Main technical features

●Video output:1080p,HDMI interface/SD,AV

●data transmission:Supports bidirectional remote control telemetry data transmission, DB-9 interface

●Data rate:1200bps、2400、4800、9600、19200、38400、76800、115200bps

●Internet port:video、data Transfer Port Output

●Spectrum bandwidth:1MHz~8MHz, tunnable at 100KHz step

●Working frequency band:250MHz~1.4GHz(Customizable)

●Receiving threshold :﹣105dBm(@BER=10-6,BW=2MHz)

●Power supply voltage :External DC12Vand built in batteries(two modes of power supply),Less power consumption of 50W,transmitting power is achievable up to 12A*12V

●Dimensions :430*360*180

●Weight:about 14Kg

●Display size:15 inches HD LCD screen.

●Working temperature:﹣20℃~﹢60℃

●Working humidity:<95%,non-condensing

●Storage temperature:﹣40℃~﹢80℃


Figure 2 ports

[1]——Video antenna:N type;[2]——Video antenna:N type;

[3]——Video antenna:N type;[4]——4G antenna:SMA plug;

[5]——WIFI antenna:SMA plug;[6]——Video Power ON-OFF;

[7]——Data Power ON-OFF;[8]——4G/WIFI Power ON-OFF,;

[9]——5 core power supply interface;[10]——SIM card slot;

[11]—— Device configuration port,DB-9;[12]——data port,DB-9;

[13]——HD Video Output Port,HDMI A type;[14]——Internet output,RJ45;

[15]——USB port;[16]——SD Video Output Port,BNC。


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