1001ASS Airborne HD video transmitter

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1001ASS Airborne HD video transmitter

1.Product introduction

Sagetown 1001ASS(Model No:ZT1001ASS)is a digital wireless video transmission system developed by Beijing Sagetown Technology Co., Ltd. especially for UAV. With international leading modulation technology and special design for UAV make ZT1001ASS an ideal choice for remote video wireless transmission applications with various fixed-wing aircraft, helicopters, UAV, UGV and special vehicles.

ZT1001ASS is adaptable to the carrier speed( the speed of vehicle on which it is mounted)  up to 380 kilometers per hour and it also meets the requirements of various low-speed fixed-wing aircraft, helicopters, UAV, UGV and special vehicles.

The whole system is mainly composed of airborne video transmitter (ZT1001ASS), base station video receiver (ZT3000) and necessary accessories (including antenna feed system, connection lines and connectors, etc.).

The system transmits a DVD-level video, and has AES encryption transmission which can effectively ensure the transmission security. Data transmission can also be customized. The Sagetown (ZT) series wireless video transmission system launched by Beijing Sagetown Technology Co., Ltd. adopts narrowband modulation technology. On the one hand, it provides unprecedented spectral efficiency; on the other hand, it also increases the sensitivity of the system, thus expanding the transmission distance.

ZT1001ASS can transmit power up to 1W and provide very robust communication links.

2.Product features

●Transfer a DVD-level video, video input support PAL/NTSC

Non-line-of-sight transmission can work reliably in occlusion environment

High-speed mobile transmission, adapted to carrier speed(the vehicle on which device is mounted) up to 380 km/h.

AES Encrypted Transmission, Effectively Prevent Illegal takeover.

The transmitter is small in size, light in weight and low in power consumption and is suitable for various UAV applications.

The operating frequency and transmitting power of the transmitter are all customizable parameters.

3.Product Specifications

3.1、Product photo

Figure 1. ZT1001ASS photo

3.2、Main technical features

Operating frequency range:250M-1.4G

Channel bandwidth :2MHz、4、6、8

Transmission delay :300ms

Video Input System:PAL/NTSC configurable

Data Serial Port Baud Rate:1200-230400

Transmitter power:1W

Transmission distance:≥20 km,air to ground,Visibility conditions

Power supply voltage :12VDC

Power consumption :<12W

Dimensions :110mm×57mm×38mm(Excluding connectors)


Working temperature:-20℃~﹢60℃

Working humidity:<95%,non-condensing

Storage temperature:-40℃~﹢80℃

3.3、Equipment Interface and Indicator light

①——“DATA”,Serial Data Input Interface, J30J-9, Reserved Interface, Not Used;

②——“CONFIG”,Configuration interface, J30J-9, for professional use;

③——“VIDEO”,Video input interface,SMA female plug;

④——“ANT”,Antenna port,SMA female plug;

⑤——Power indicator is red, when the equipment is powered on then lamp will also be on.;

⑥——“DC12V”,DC power interface, J30J-9.


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