3000F short delay video receiver

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3000F short delay video receiver

1.Product introduction

3000F (ZT3000F, see Figure 2) the box type short delay receiver is a video receiver used along with Sagetown series short delay image transmitters. A short-delay image transmitter and a ZT3000F can form a point-to-point short-delay digital wireless video transmission system.

Figure 2.3000F, box type short delay receiver.

2.Main technical features

●Operating frequency range :250M-1.4G

Channel Bandwidth:2M,4M,6M,8M(Customizatable before leaving factory)

Video output:one way PAL/NTSC,self-adaption,full D1Picture quality ,720×576Pixel / HD SDI output       

Power supply:AC220V/DC12V

Working temperature:-20℃~+55℃

Working humidity :<95%,non-condensing

Dimensions:Standard 1U industrial case(430×350×44mm,Excluding connectors)

Weight:About 4Kg

Power consumption:≤30W

3 Receiver front panel

Figure 3. Receiver front panel

Display: Receiving Frequency Points, Signal-to-Noise Ratio, Receiving Sensitivity.

4 Receiver rear panel

Figure 4. Receiver rear panel

AC220V: Standard AC socket, external 220V power cord;

DC 12V:Aviation plug-in three-core cable, external 12V DC power supply

Video :AV Video output interface,BNC,75Ω

Extension :BNC,75Ω

Extension :BNC,75Ω

SDI:HD Video Output Interface,BNC,75Ω

Configuration:closed interface,for debugging by concerned person

Antenna:N type female plug,External antenna.


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