COFDM Video Transmitter Selection Guide

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“Sagesight” series of video station developed by Beijing Sagetown Technology Crop. & Ltd., can used for video/audio/data transmitting and focus on NLOS environment, high speed, and heavy inference application. Well design originated from military, and engineering experiences accumulated over decades, endues significant advantages to“Sagesight” series of product


“Sagesight” series of product has been successfully used in reentry capsule experiment of “Shenzhou 6” mission. It transmitted real time video and data from capsule inside to ground. Its stability, reliability, continuous working ability, head/code residence, impact/vibration residence, and electromagnetic compatibility are fully meeting the aerospace industry’s requirements.

lMilitary contractor

Got military orders for several years, and our products have been applied to aerospace manned spacecraft reentry capsule, guided missile, individual soldiers, military vehicle and kinds of aircraft.

lNational Approval Certificate

  Obtain certificate of approval issued by MIIT (Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of the People's Republic China).

lMilitary standard test

Passed aerospace level military standard tests moderated by numerous research institutes and MIIT, including EMI, vibration, temperature, etc.

lMilitary Equipment Identification

Products passed military equipment identification.

lHD Series

First launched narrowband HD product (2MHZ, 1920x1080) in the industry, and overcome the distance shortage of HD video station. Supporting wireless transmitting of HD video, it makes the transmitting range of HD video practical as SD products.

lReal Time Transmitting

The end-to-end latency of “Sagesight” series of product have three service level: 1. Low latencywhich is only 40ms, nearly real time,  is perfect for real time controlling; 2. Medium latency, is about 300ms; 3. Long latency, over 600ms, for observation application.


Supporting multiple to one networking. Through the network, vehicle carried computer can access data center or video conference at high speedThe network can cover from provincial capital city to the whole province area.


Supporting AES encryption feature. User configurable 128-bit key can prevent unauthorized interception.

lData Channel

Besides one way video and audio, Sagesight video station can transmit one way user data simultaneously, which is proper for transmitting of COMPASS/GPS or other sensor data.

lLong Distance Communication

Field test proved that vehicle carried station (Sagesight 3200), can transmit up to 40 kilometers in urban environment (NLOS, non-line-of-sight) and currently is the domestic No.1.

lHigh End Customer Base

With excellent product quality, we are recognized from high-end customers that were strict on product quality consistently, including aerospace, military and telecomm industry.

According the difference of technology indicators and features, we group Video Station product to series of individual, vehicle carried, aircraft carried, ship carried, and relay station. Please select product based on your application domain. Below is a detailed description of our products.

Series and Application


Individual station can be backpacked by soldiers, and it’s major application is outdoor military exercises, and fire fighting.

Vehicle carried

The radio output power of vehicle carried station can up to 20W and the transmitter and receiver are all standard industrial case which can mount directly into standard industrial chassis, for a better adaption to vehicle carrying.

Aircraft Carried

Aircraft carried station refers to those product adapted to aircraft, such as rotorcraft, helicopter, fix-wing UAV, large military airplane, missile, robot. The minimum weight is only 100 grams (over 10 kilometers coverage). The maximum coverage is over 200 kilometers, and the highest speed is Mach 2. It meets requirements of harsh environment for aircraft and related nation military standard.

Ship Carried

Ship Carried station can achieve high quality video transmitting in environment with clutters such as sea surface. Equipment and its connectors are with anti-corrosion treatment.

Relay Station

Relay station relay of video, audio and data. Sagetown relay station works on carrier or link layer, and will not compress or decompress video, which may loss video quality. Thus, customer can use more than one relay station to increase the transmitting distance without restriction.

Video Receiver

Receiver covers all complementary receivers to above models, such as desktop receiver, two way audio receiver, portable case receiver, fire special receiver, aircraft carried receiver, and remote control receiver for controlling remote base station.


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