4120C Case Type Netbridge

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4120C network system is a two-way wireless bridge system developed for non-line-of-sight applications. It can transmit two-way full-duplex images, voice , data and can run all network applications as long as the data rate of application is within the allowable range. The system provides 2 * 1.7Mbps ~ 2 * 30 Mbps Ethernet bandwidth. Can support high-speed mobile carrier (car, ship, aircraft) in the computer directly connect to the headquarters

4120C can transmit high-quality video images in high-rises cities or in environments with serious multipath effects (sea clutter) such as sea surface. It has excellent "diffraction" ability and "penetration" ability of buildings, which can achieve a wide range of coverage without the need for directional antenna. It can work stably and reliably on all kinds of moving platforms such as vehicles, ships and aircraft.

The frame type netbridge equipment ZT4120C is a standard 3U industrial chassis, which can be directly loaded into the 19 inch standard industrial chassis.


P1 4120C Outside Look


Transmist various multimedia data, such as high-definition video, stereo voice (left and right channels), etc.

Supporting full-duplex two-way voice

Supporting bidirectional video conferencing with a fixed station or with another mobile station in mobile

Supporting Computer-Headquarters Networking in High-Speed Mobile under Non-Line-of-Sight Conditions

High-quality real-time image transmission is realized in high-speed motion; moving speed is over 300 kilometers per hour

Encrypted Transmit: The encryption algorithm is AES, 128-bit key (option)

Working frequency: 280-850MHz, 851MHz-1.7GHz, 2.3G-2.7GHz (customized before leaving factory)

The transmission power can be changed by pressing the panel of the operating chassis, and the range can be changed from 700 mW to 20 W.

It can bypass buildings and work normally in high-rise cities.

Anti-multipath interference, can work normally at sea, can be used for ship-to-ship, ship-to-shore, ship-to-aircraft transmission


Receive center frequency point:415M,420M,425M,430M,435M,440M,445M,450M,460M,465M(One-to-one correspondence, see chassis label for details)

Emission center frequency point:210M,215M,220M,235M,240M,245M,375M,380M,385M,390M(One-to-one correspondence, see chassis label for details)

Channel Bandwidth:2MHz

Way of encryption:AES,128secret key

Transport Delay:<50ms

Data input:data volume should less than bandwidth

20W Transmitted Power:20W

Receiving sensitivity: - 103dBm @ 10-6 BER, channel bandwidth 2MHz

transmit distance:>30km,NLOS;>200km,LOS

Power supply:Built-in lithium battery /220VAC

Power consumption:<200W

Size:420mm×300mm×132mm(3U Case,Excluding plug-ins)


Working temperature:-40℃~﹢60℃

Working Humidity:<95%,non-condensing

 Storage Temperature:-40℃~﹢80℃

Equipment Interface, button and Indicator

Front panel

[1] Information display screen, displaying working frequency, channel bandwidth, locking or not, receiving equal information;

[2] Control button area for professional personnel to test and debug equipment, non-professional personnel do not move;

[3] Received signal strength indicator, a total of three, yellow-green, the more lights the stronger the received signal

[4]Main switch, left to start, right to close。

Rear panel

[1]Net port 1,waterproof Rj45 interface;

[2]Net port2,waterproof Rj45 interface;

[3]"AC 220V", AC power interface, three-core aviation plug

[4] transmitting antenna interface, N type, 50Ω;

[5] receiving antenna interface, N type, 50Ω

 [6]Switch the switch to display the bridge board information to the left and to display the GPS information to the right.

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