DATA901 Frequency Hopping Wireless Data modem

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DATA901 Frequency Hopping Wireless Data modem is an all-digital data transmission modem, produced by Beijing sagetwon technology Co.,Ltd . Its core technology is based on frequency hopping technology (FHSS), which is widely used in military communications. It has excellent anti-interference and confidentiality ability. It can provide reliable data communication in harsh electromagnetic environment, and has the recognized superiority in the industry.

DATA901 Frequency Hopping Wireless Data modem is small in size and light in weight. It is especially suitable for areas with strict requirements for both volume and weight, such as unmanned aerial vehicle, single network radio , handhold equipment, embedded design, wearable equipment, etc. The operating frequency range is 902-928 MHz. 1W transmission power, excellent anti-harsh environment and electromagnetic compatibility index, but weighs only 160 g. It can be applied in almost all environments.

DATA901 Frequency Hopping Wireless Data modem provides robust data communication with high speed and low delay. It has excellent anti-blocking performance, robust digital links, powerful networking capability, full-signal data ports and supports remote online diagnosis.

二、Application Domain

UAV, Ship, Robot

Telemetry and Telecontrol, DGPS

Electricity, oil and gas exploration.

Multi-station TDMA mode

Transparent Instant Messaging

Industrial Communication


Transparent Data Channel, Low Delay Link

Encryption support

Air wireless link rate up to 19.2 kbps

Four-stage filter provides superior noise suppression and anti-interference capability.

There are many networking modes: point-to-point, point-to-multipoint, relay storage and forwarding, and TDMA.

Maximum transmission power 1W (adjustable), larger transmission power 5W, 10W customizable;

Low Power Sleep Mode

32 bit CRC, forward error correction mode and retransmit can be selected

Superior anti-interference ability, Multi-stations can communicate in the same frequency band at the same time, without interference with each other.

Roaming support: When one path is interrupted, another path can be automatically connected.

Supporting relay, a single device can form a relay, saving a radio station.

Relay stations can also be spare stations to save equipment; there is no limit on the number of relay stations in the network

四、Main Specification

Frequency Range:       902~928MHz

Spread Spectrum: Frequency Hopping (FHSS)/DTS

Bank Selection:    Can work through setting to set the screen frequency spectrum

Automatic error check:       32bit CRC, ARQ

Sensitivity: -116dBm(@10-6BER)

Output RF power:       100mW1W(2030dBm)

Serial Baud Rate:     Asynchronous serial maximum 230.4Kbps

Wireless Link rate:   19.2kbps

Interference Suppression:four-section filter,out-of-band suppression 90dB,   Adjacent channel suppression:60dB

Interference suppression: four-section filter, out-of-band suppression > 90dB, adjacent channel suppression: 60dB

Operating Modes:  Point-to-point ,Point -to-Multi-point ,Relay, Roaming,Peer to peer network

Serial Interface:      RS232 / RS485 / RS422

Data Interface:       RSSI Strength indicator,Receive/send LED indicator Input Voltage:       10~30VDC

Current(12V Poer Supply):Receive: 50mA~95mA


Average T.and R. Current of Master:140mA

Average T.and R. Current of Slave:110mA

Current in sleep:  小于1mA

Humidity:       5~95%,Non-condensing

Operation Temp:       -20℃~+60℃

Connectors  SMA(Female)


Weight:       小于160g

Size:       92mm×47mm×19mm

五、Connector port


Data/Power supplyMini DB9(2/3/5,data;1+/9-,Power supply

Antenna:SMA female head


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