6005A Airborne Video Relay

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6005A is a digital wireless Video relay developed for UAV application . It can transmit high-quality video in high-rise urban or sea-level environment with severe multi-path effects (sea clutter). It has excellent ability of "diffraction" and "penetrating" buildings. It can achieve large-scale coverage without directional antenna.

The system forwards a high-definition (1920 x 1080p). The video transmission is real-time, continuous and encrypted.

The transmission power of 6005A can reach 5W, which can provide a very robust communication link.

II Features

Relay and forward a high-definition (1920 x 1080p) video;

High-definition video real-time transmission is realized in high-speed motion, and the moving speed is more than 380 kilometers.

Video can be encrypted transmission, encryption algorithm: AES, 128-bit key (option);

Work frequency: 180-850MHz, 851MHz-1.7GHz, 2.3G-2.7GHz (customized );

High sensitivity, up to - 105dBm (10-6 BER@2.5MHz channel width);

It can bypass buildings and work normally in high-rise cities.

It can resist multi-path interference and work normally at sea. It can be used for ship-to-ship, ship-to-shore and ship-to-aircraft transmission.


III Main Specification

Working frequency bands180~850MHz、851MHz~1.7GHz、2.3G~2.7GHz(customized

Channel Width 2.5/4/8 M optionalcustomized

Image quality: 1920 x 1080p

Encryption method: AES, 128-bit key, user configurable key

Output power: 2.5W (customized)

Moving speed: 380 km/h stable reception

Antenna interface: SMA Female, two

Power supply: 12VDC

 Power consumption:

Operating temperature: 0 ~60  (optional - 40 ~60)

Storage temperature: - 40 ~80

humidity: <95%, non-condensation

Size :


IV Connector Interface

"TX (emission): transmit antenna interface, SMA female;

"RX (receiver): receiving antenna interface, SMA female;

Switch: Power switch;

"PW power supply": the power supply indicator lamp, red;

Power: built-in battery power supply;

Transmitting Lock indicator: green emission;


Receiving lock indicator: green.

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