ZT2005ASS Standard Definition Video and Data transmitter

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一、Production Instruction

 ZT2005ASS is a high-definition short-delay digital wireless video and data transmitter specially developed by us specially for unmanned aerial vehicles. The international leading modulation technology and special design for UAV make ZT2005ASS an ideal choice for remote data link applications of various low-speed aircraft, high-speed aircraft, UAV and special vehicles. Point-to-multipoint transmission.


ZT2001AHF adapts a carrier speed of up to 380 km/h, up to 2 Mach, which ensures that theZT2005ASS carrier can also transmit high-definition 1080p video and bidirectional remote control and telemetry data at high speed.


The system is mainly composed of a video and data airborne terminal (ZT2005ASS), a multi-functional ground station ZT1800GS and necessary accessories (including antenna feed system, connection lines and connectors)


ZT2005ASS can transmit a high-definition 1080p video, while supporting bidirectional remote control data transmission, AES encryption transmission effectively guarantees transmission security.


ZT2005ASS has short delay transmission characteristics. Video transmission delay is about 70 ms and data transmission delay is less than 43 ms, which meets the strict requirements of real-time monitoring and real-time control.

Sagetown series digital wireless communication system adopts narrowband modulation technology. On the one hand, it provides unprecedented spectrum efficiency; on the other hand, it increases the system reception sensitivity, thus expanding the transmission distance of the system.


II Features

Transfer a DVD-level video,Video input system supports PAL / NTSC.

At the same time, it supports two-way remote control and telemetry data transmission.

With excellent ability of "diffraction" and "transmission", it can work steadily in harsh communication environment such as city, forest and hill

It adapts to various high-speed carriers, and can communicate stably at 380 km/h, supporting up to 2 Machs per hour.

Narrow-band modulation technology not only guarantees the transmission bandwidth, but also does not shorten the transmission distance

AES encryption transmission, effectively prevent illegal reception

Supporting multiple video resolutions: 720×480 60i(NTSC)和720×576 50i(PAL);

small size, light weight and low power consumption. It is suitable for carriers with strict requirements on size and weight

meets airborne EMC environment


III、Airborne video transmitter

3.1、Product outlook

       FIG.1 ZT2005ASS outlook

3.2、Main  specification

Specifications of ZT2003 AHF

Working bands

Video channel: 250M-1.4Gcustomizable

Data channel:400MHz 800900MHzcustomizable

Channel bandwidth

Video channel:2MHz,4,6,8

Data channel: FHSS

Transmitted Video qualities


Wireless data rate

19.2kbps(optional 115.2kbps230.4kbps

Bit error rate

≤1×10-6    Bit error rate

transmit power 

Video 5W

Data both 1W     transmit power  receiving sensitivity

Receiving sensitivity

Data Only Channel: -108 dBm @ Air Rate 57.6 kbps

Transmission delay

Video channel: 300-400ms

Data channel:about 43ms

Power Supply

DC12V-16.8V Rated Voltage

Power consumption


transmission distance

≥20km Air to ground,in visibility condition

Equipment dimensions


Equipment weight


Environmental conditions

Working temperature:-20℃~+60


3.3 Connect interface


IV1800GS Multifunctional Ground Station

The multi-function ground station integrates data transmission radio transceiver system, image transmission radio receiving system, hard disk recorder, 4G and WIFI image forwarding system (customized), FUTABA multi-function remote controller and high performance embedded computer. The video received by the ground station can be viewed directly through the high-definition liquid crystal display screen. The system has a 250G solid-state hard disk, and supports video storage and playback functions. The data transmission module provides RS232 transparent data interface, which can be connected directly with the serial port of embedded computer. The UAV can be monitored and planned in real time by flight control software. The system integrates remote controllers and adds an extension module developed by sagetown, which can directly remote control UAV or airborne platform.


                                         Fig.2. ZT1800GS



 Main Specification of Ground Control Station


  Video transmit parameter

Operate frequency

295MHZ(Other frequency can be customized

video resolution

HD1080p/i,SD compatible

Receive sensitivity



AES Encryption, 128bitsConfigurable

Data transmit parameter

Operate frequency



Double EncryptionStatic keyConfigurable



Air rate


Embedded computer parameter


Intel®1037U Dual core 1.8Ghz processor


Intel®HM76 high speed chipset


2GDDRIII memory  Maximum 8G

display function

Intel®HD2500 core graphics

Operate system


  Display parameter

Screen No.

Two(one is a touch screen)

Screen size

15 inch

  Physical parameter







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