ZT1005AHS HDMI High definition video transmitter

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ZT1005AHS is a digital wireless video transmitting device developed by our company especially for UAV. The international advanced modulation technology and special design for UAV make ZT1005AHS an ideal choice for remote video wireless transmission applications of various fixed-wing aircraft, helicopters, UAV, UGV and other special vehicles.

It is adaptable to the carrier speed( the speed of vehicle on which it is mounted)  up to 680 km/h and it also meets the requirements of various low-speed fixed-wing aircraft, helicopters, UAV, UGV and special vehicles.

The whole system is mainly composed of airborne video transmitter (ZT1005AHS), and necessary accessories (including antenna feed system, connection lines and connectors, etc.)

The device transmits one way  HD video, and the data transmission can be added on customization.AES encrypted transmission guarantees transmission security effectively.

The delay of the system is very short, about 70 ms, and the transmission is live. It fully meets the requirements of real-time control and live video transmission of fixed-wing aircraft , UAV helicopter, UAV as well as robot.

Our series wireless video transmission system launched by us adopts narrowband modulation technology. On the one hand, it provides unprecedented spectral efficiency; on the other hand, it also increases the sensitivity of the system, thus expanding the transmission distance。

ZT1005AHS can transmit up to 5 W and provide very robust communication link.

II Features

u Transmission of one-way HD video(1920×1080P)

u Powerful NLOS transmission function

u Powerful diffraction function can transmit high quality images in occlusion environment

u Adaptable to high speed(680km) carrier(on which the device is mounted).

u  AES Encrypted Transmission, Effectively Prevent the Illegal overtake

u Narrow-band hd transmission ensures image quality without sacrificing transmission distance

u The transmitter is small in size, light in weight and low in power consumption and is suitable for various UAV applications.

u The working frequency and transmitting power of the transmitter are customizable   

III Airborne video transmitter

3.1、Outside View



Fig 1. ZT1005AHS outside view

3.2、Main Specification

l  Working frequency range: 250MHz-1.4GHz (customizable before production)

l Channel bandwidth:2.5MHz

l Encryption method: AES, 128-bit key, user configurable key

l  Link delay: 300ms (excluding acquisition and display)

l  Serial port data: RS232

l port baud rate: 1200, 2400, 4800, 9600, 19200, 38400, 57600, 115200, 230400

l Video Input Signal: HDMI

l Video Input Interface: Standard HDMI Interface

l Video Input System Support: Automatic recognition of the following formats without reconfiguration

1920×1080 50p (30p,25p,24p,60i,50i)      1280×720 60p(50)p

720×480 60i (NTSC,D1)                  720×576 50i (PAL,D1)

l 5W Transmitting power: 5W

l  Transmission Distance: > 60 km, air-to-ground, Visual Conditions

l Supply Voltage: +12VDC

l Equipment Power Consumption: <36W

l Size: 100mm x 63mm x 43mm (excluding connectors)

l Weight:310g

l Operating temperature: - 20 ~60

l Working humidity: <95%, non-condensation


Video Input: HDMI A Interface

Power Supply: External Power Supply Line

Data: If you need data function, you can install it.J30J Rectangular Connector

Working Instruction: LED Lamp

Radio Frequency Output: SMA Header

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