CL-850 15Kg Payload Oil Powered VTOL Fixed-wing UAV

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lHybrid power of oil and electricity.

lLong range and Long endurance: endurance 4hrs@10kg payload.

lMaximum payload up to 15kg.

lMaximum Altitude for take-off and landing up to 2,500m AMSL.

lVertically takingoff and vertically landing, no need of runway and catapult assistance takingoff.

l “One button click” takingoff, return home, and landing, easy to operate.

lQuick assemble and dis- assemble.

lSupport various mission payload, therefore widely used in various industries and scenario.

lApplied in industries: Unmanned surveying, Transportation, Reconnaissance, Aerial mapping, Forest Fire fighting, Communication in emergency.

lDurable and robust.


Specifications of CL-850



Height(maximum main landing gear)




Wing area

2.5 m²

Landing gear form

Four-point parallel landing gear

Tank capacity


Maximum speed

(at sea face level)


Cruising speed


Max endurance

6 hrs@5Kg payload

Maximum Altitude for take-off and landing

2,000m AMSL


10kg@4 hrs

5kg@6 hrs

Max payload

15kg@2 hrs fly

Maximum Range

660Km @payload=5Kg

Max take-off weight


Navigation mode


Consumption of fuel


Engine for takingoff and landing

Electricity powered brushless motor

Engine for cruising

Oil-operated two-stroke carburetor engine

Wind load rating

(Positive crosswind)

6 Grade

Operate Temperature


Takingoff mode


Landing mode




Operating humidity




When flight altitude is going to be higher than 3,000 meters, EFI engine is recommended.


Application Case 1: CL-850S model for surveillance

CL-850+Dual Camera Gimbals+100km Live video transmission

Reconnaissance, Endurance 4 hours, Range 400km.

Application Case2: CL-850T model for transportation

CL-850T is the model tailored for transportation

Application Case3: CL-850D model for Drop


CL-850D is the model for Drop


                                                                                       Fig.1 CL-850 drones



 CL-850S (RedDragon 850S) Reconnaissance UAV SYSTEM


lUnmanned surveying and Reconnaissance 

lEndurance: 4 hours

lMaximum range: 480Km

lLive HD video streaming to the Ground Control Station.

lDistance of live video and command transmission: more than 120~150km .

lLocking and tracking moving targets on the ground.

lVertically takingoff and vertically landing, no need of runway and catapult assistance.

lTotally automatic flight along preloaded GPS points path, Flight path can be modified during flight.

lHybrid power of gasoline and electricity.

l“One button click” takingoff, return home, and landing, easy to operate.

lSafety feature: when communication failed after preset time, or oil alert, it will return home automatically.

lQuick assemble and dis- assemble.

lDurable and robust.

lDual camera gimbals(Infrared camera and visible light camera),30× optical Zoom.

lDatalink featuring short time delay. End to end latency of live video transmission is short than 200ms,End to end latency of command transmission is short than 50ms, this is critical and guarantee of target tracking .


lPortable Ground Control Station, easy to deploy and mobile.

           Fig.2 Application of CL-850S: long endurance and vast range,tracking moving Target, live video transmssion


CL-850S can be used in:

lBorder patrolling


lSurveillance of river, Express way, Railway, Pipeline, Power grid, Forest, Ocean, etc.


                                                                          Fig.3  CL-850S in patrolling

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