CL-866 One Stop Solution Gimbals Datalink GCS For Surveillance Drone System

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CL-866 One Stop Solution Gimbals Datalink GCS For Surveillance Drone System





• Hybrid power of gasoline and electricity.
• Long endurance: 10hrs@3kg.
• Maximum payload up to 3-10kg.
• Maximum altitude for take-off and landing up to 2500m AMSL.
• Vertically taking off and landing, not require a runway or catapult.
• 'One click' take off, return home, and landing, easy to operate.
• Quick assemble and dis-assemble.
• Support various payload, widely used in various industries and scenario.
• Applied for industries: Unmanned surveying, transportation, reconnaissance, aerial mapping, forest fire fighting, communication in emergency.
• Durable and robust.


Three-view Drawing




Parameters Sheet


Maximum Speed 118km/h Cruising Speed 90km/h
Max.Endurance 10hrs Maximum Altitude for take off 2500m AMSL
Max.Range 1000km Max payload 10kg
Navigation mode GPS/BDS Max take off weight 26kg
Take off & Landing Vertical Mission Radius ≥400km
Power Hybrid electric and gasoline Operation on sea Maritime version available
Wind Resistance Grade 7 when cruising Tank Capacity 8L
Ceiling 5000m AMSL Operating Humidity ≤90%RH




The packaging we used is Aviation Aluminum Case, can be shipped by air or by sea according to customers' requirement, please check the packaging details as following, each part is easy to assemble and disassemble, and convenient and safe for shipment.






• Widely used for surveillance, mapping, communications, emergency, geological exploration, pipeline patrol and inspection, searching, firefighting, etc. Different applications with different configurations.
• Typical payload includes gimbals, camera, LiDAR, etc.


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